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How Much Do The Council Charge To Remove Rubbish In Gloucestershire?

Are you a tenant or homeowner in Gloucestershire looking to dispose of rubbish from your property? Are you wondering how much the council charges for rubbish removal services? If so, you've come to the right place. Skip Hire Gloucestershire is a rubbish removal company in Gloucestershire that can help you with your waste disposal needs. In this landing page, we will discuss the council's rubbish removal services, items they collect, the cost of the service, and how you can contact them.

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At Skip Hire Gloucestershire, we understand the importance of a clean environment. We offer a wide range of rubbish removal services tailored to suit your needs. Our team of experts is committed to providing our customers with quality services at affordable prices.

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The Council's Rubbish Removal Service

The council provides a rubbish removal service to residents in Gloucestershire. The service is usually provided on a weekly basis, and the types of waste collected include household rubbish, food waste, garden waste, and recycling.

Items That The Council Collects

The council collects a wide range of items including:

  • General Household Waste: This includes food waste, paper, and cardboard, textiles, and plastic.
  • Garden Waste: This includes leaves, grass, twigs, and small branches.
  • Recycling: This includes glass, paper, cardboard, cans, and plastic bottles.

The Cost Of The Service

The cost of the council's rubbish removal service depends on several factors including the number of items, the frequency of collection, and the type of waste.

Minimum Charge

The council usually has a minimum charge for their rubbish removal service. The minimum charge is usually for five items per collection.

Limited Five Items Per Collection

The council may sometimes limit the number of items you can put out for collection. For instance, you may be restricted to five items per collection.

Prices For Collection

The prices for rubbish collection vary depending on where you live in Gloucestershire. However, as an estimate, the cost for a standard size wheelie bin is approximately 30 every quarter.

Contacting The Council

If you have any questions about the council's rubbish removal service, you can contact the council directly. The council operates a contact centre where you can speak to a customer service representative.

Free Of Charge

The council's contact centre is free of charge, and you can reach them on 01453 497011.

Waste Disposal Centre Free Of Charge

If you have bulky items to dispose of, such as furniture or electrical items, you can take them to the household waste disposal centre free of charge.

Shop & See Local Charity

Similarly, you can also take items that can be reused to a local charity shop. These items may include clothing, shoes, furniture, and kitchenware.

Hazardous Waste

The council does not collect all types of waste. Hazardous waste, such as asbestos, chemicals, and medical waste, cannot be collected by the council.

Paint Tubes And Large Batteries

However, the council does collect certain items that are classified as hazardous waste. This may include paint tubes and large batteries.

Paint Tins And Tubes

If you need to dispose of paint tins and tubes, you may need to take them to a local hazardous waste disposal site.


Rubbish removal is an important part of maintaining a clean environment. The council provides a rubbish removal service to residents in Gloucestershire. The cost of the service depends on various factors, including the type of waste, the number of items, and the frequency of collection. If you have items that cannot be collected by the council, such as hazardous waste, you may need to take them to a local disposal site.

At Skip Hire Gloucestershire, we are committed to providing you with a wide range of rubbish removal services to meet your needs. Our aim is to help you keep your environment clean and tidy. If you need more information, please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help.

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